In Summer 2018, I was offered a three month motion graphic internship at global creative production company MediaMonks who partner with clients across industries and markets to craft amazing work for leading businesses and brands. I was fortunate enough to gain work experience at the headquarters in Amsterdam which greatly developed my motion graphic and animation skills working alongside creative professionals. Here, I've featured a few of my favourite projects that I was lucky enough to be involved with.


For one of my first smaller projects I worked an IKEA brief animating a prototype GIF to showcase how their new app’s moodboard section would work.



I spent a lot of time prototyping different Snapchat ads for Amazon’s new ’Amazon Teen’ program which allow teenagers to have their own independent Amazon login connected to their parent’s account where they can place orders which their parents can approve.

This project taught me a lot, specifically about using parallax in a backdrop, how to successfully animate quirky, bouncy movements and how to create smooth eases to the overall effect. In addition, my organisational skills were greatly improved working with dozens of Photoshop files within After Effects.

2D logo


I recreated this Unicef ‘Generation Limited’ logo from this flat 2D image (above) to an animated 3D video using cinema 4D (right), which was designed to be used for a hologram. This was a really exciting task as it developed my 3D design skills and the brief allowed a lot of freedom, which led to me experiment with animating each individual element within the logo and play with camera movements and shadows.


One of my favourite projects that I was involved with this L’OR Espresso ad, creating a mockup of an advert using the provided assets, playing with camera movements and working with perspective and distance, as well kinetic typography. The carefully considered smooth ‘diving’ movements combined with the floating slow-moving particles reflect on the luxuriousness of the brand.