Beneath The Surface


My motion graphic based on oil spills in the ocean, promoting the charity Matter Of Trust's Clean Wave program; where you can donate human hair or dog fur clippings, which is stuffed into recycled tights to soak up the oil on the surface of the ocean. This method is more environmentally friendly than the alternative common method of placing a floating barrier around the oil and setting it on fire, which actually causes even more pollution.

My aim was to raise awareness about the damage that oil spills have on marine life, whilst showing viewers a simple and easy way that they can help. I was honoured to have this animation shortlisted by student design competition Creative Conscience, which awards environmentally & socially sustainable design.

Creative Conscience


This was my intitial storyboard for my motion graphic. Originally, the idea was to focus on sea creatures and the negative effects oil spills have on them as well as on the marine habitat. However, I felt that it would be more beneficial to focus more on the call for action to show how people can make a difference. I kept the storyboard style however, with the idea of using inks with water to create stunning visuals.



This was my studio set-up to film the footage of oil spilling into the ocean. By placing a water-filled vase on a lightbox in a dark room, I managed to capture the detail of the illuminated ink drops' impact as it hits the water. I then edited the lighting and colour of the clips to work them into the animation.