Second Chance


Did you know that one third of the world's food produced is thrown away? Nor did I. I wanted to help tackle this issue, by finding a way to reduce household food waste, which is where the majority of waste is accumulated. The result was Second Chance; a campaign that educates users on better food management. This interactive campaign works through an app that functions alongside specially designed food packaging labels. These labels are scanned into the app, similarly to scanning QR codes, to reveal tips and tricks on how to tell when your fruit is ripe and ready to eat, what to do with your food products past their best instead of throwing them away, how to tell when your food is expired instead of relying on innacurate expiry dates, and finally how to preserve your food more efficiently for a longer lifespan.

My overall aim is to show consumers better options other than just throwing their food away without a second thought, as well as to raise awareness about the negative impacts that food waste has on the environment. This project was selected as a winner for the South West Design + Digital Student Awards run by Proctor + Stevenson.

SWDDS Awards
Second Chance
Second Chance


These are the labelled stickers that would be placed on food products which users can scan using the Second Chance app. The entire brand of the app is personalised, suggesting that the food is 'speaking' to you, asking to be saved, creating more of a connection between user and the food in question. For first time users, the sticker can be pealed back to reveal a QR code sticker underneath which brings the user to the app store where they can download the Second Chance app. In cases where food is repackaged into a more permanent container, for example into glass or plastic jars, the removable stickers can be re-stuck onto these or even on your fridge for future reference.